OJYA Fragrance Range

Cream Fragrance

S. No.Products NameDescription of Products
1.Aloevera 121Strong, Sharp, Green, Watery.
2.Apricoat-121Fresh, Fruity, Floral.
3.Arabia 3015Sweet, Ambery, Woody, Musky.
4.B. PlusSweet, Creamy, Balsamic.
5.Butter ScotchStrong, Sharp, Buttery.
6.Charmis 15Floral, Fresh, Cosmetic.
7.Chocolate 176Sweet, Chocolate, Cocoa.
8.Coco ButterBalsamic Butter, Cocoa.
9.Comp Paris HGreen, Fruity, Melon.
10.Comp. JpgFloral, Ozone, Woody.
11.Cucumber VfFresh, Green, Watery.
12.Delecia 108Floral, Creamy, Powdery.
13.Discover 211Fancy, Woody, Musky.
14.Flower NationFancy, Floral, Green.
15.Fruit PunchMix, Fruity, Sweet.
16.Green Tea VfCitrus, Floral, Leafy.
17.Gulabari 121Rosepetal, Watery, Fresh.
18.Haldi Chandan 23Sweet, Spicy, Woody.
19.Honey & Almond 97Strong, Fresh, Intense Sweet.
20.Kitty Girl 410Fresh, Floral, Powdery.
21.Lavender 121Fresh, Floral, Herbaceous.
22.Lilak 229Floral, Spicy, Powdery.
23.Lily O ValleyFloral, Powdery, Spicy.
24.Lotus 121Sweet, Floral, Powdery.
25.Lychee DelightSweet, Fruity, Juicy.
26.Nivea VfFloral , Creamy, Musky.
27.Peach No.1Strong Fruity, Peach Pulp.
28.Red AppleFruity Apple, Sweet.
29.Rose 168Creamy, Rosy, Woody.
30.Rose 272Fresh, Sweet, Rose Petal.
31.RosinaRosy, Creamy, Powdery.
32.Sandal 170Sweet, Woody, Cosmetic.
33.Spring 2014Sweet, Fruity, Lactonic .
34.Strawbeery ShotSweet, Fruity, Strawberry Like.
35.Vanilla 2010Sweet, Creamy, Balsamic.
36.Water Melon 121Green, Fresh, Marine.

Detergent Cake

S. No.Products NameDescription of Products
1.Comp L-305Fresh, Citrus, Piney.
2.Comp Lo/dtSweet, Citrus, Lemon Orange.
3.Forever 41Sweet, Green, Fruity.
4.Lime Vf/cFresh, Citrus, Green.
5.Orange Best-2012Sweet, Floral, Orange Blossom.
6.R I -2113Fresh, Fruity, Green.
7.Raj PFresh, Fruity, Oily, Green.
8.S. Excel 2010Fresh, Sweet, Fruity.
9.T Plus 137Strong, Green, Campharaceous.
10.Tango PlusAldehydic, Floral, Ornage Blossom.

Detergent Powder

S. No.Products NameDescription of Products
1.Ananda 23Fancy, Floral, Lily Type.
2.Ariel SpringSweet, Sourish, Rosy.
3.Comp L-305Fresh, Citrusy, Piney.
4.Comp Lo/dtSweet, Citrus, Lemony, Orange.
5.Forever 41Sweet, Green, Fruity.
6.Green Lime 141Fresh, Citrusy, Green.
7.Jasmine 81Strong, Sharp, Floral, Fatty.
8.Jasmine Mofra 1012Strong, Floral, Green.
9.Kaccha Bela VfFancy, Floral, Fresh Green.
10.Lemon 112Strong, Fresh, Citrus, Green.
11.Lime SweetStrong, Fresh, Citrus, Green.
12.Lime Vf/cFresh, Citrusy, Green.
13.Oxy Blue AAromatic, Fresh, Fruity, Watery.
14.Raj 400Fresh, Fruity, Oily, Green.
15.Orange Best-2012Sweet, Floral, Orange Blossom.
16.R I -2113Fresh, Fruity, Green.
17.Raj PFresh, Fruity, Oily, Green.
18.S. Excel 2010Fresh, Sweet, Fruity.


S. No.Products NameDescription of Products
1.Aloevera 121Strong, Sharp, Green, Watery.
2.Baby 147Soft, Creamy, Powdery.
3.Comp L-305Fresh, Citrusy, Piney.
4.Cream Sp 229Floral, Creamy, Woody.
5.Cucumber VfFresh, Green, Watery.
6.Haldi ChandanSweet, Herbal, Woody.
7.Herbal Soap No.1Floral, Green, Herbal.
8.Kaccha Bela VfFancy, Floral, Fresh, Green.
9.Life Boy Total 15Floral, Aromatic, Cresolic.
10.Lime Vf/cFresh, Citrus, Green.
11.Liril 2000Sweet, Citrus, Herbal.
12.Orange Best-2012Sweet, Floral, Orange, Blossom.
13.PapayaHerbal, Fruity, Watery.
14.Peach & Cream LSweet, Creamy, Fruity.
15.Peach No.1Strong, Fruity, Balsamic.
16.Pears Soap 121Herbal, Floral, Spicy.
17.Red AppleFruity, Apple, Sweet, Cosmetic.
18.Rose 272Fresh, Sweet, Rose Petal.
19.Sandal Soap 52Sweet, Herbal, Woody.
20.Santoor 2315Floral, Herbal, Woody.
21.Spice Mint PMinty, Floral, Spicy.
22.Strawberry ShotSweet, Fruity, Strawberry Like.

Hair Oil

S. No.Products NameDescription of Products
1.Almond B AAlmond, Sweet, Oily.
2.Amla AnmolCitrus, Piney, Sweet, Oily.
3.Amla D BTerpenic, Oily, Piney.
4.Amla V FSpicy, Herbal, Oily.
5.Coconut No.1Lactonic, Creamy, Coconut.
6.Comp Kk 679Herbal, Spicy, Floral.
7.Flower NationFancy, Floral, Green.
8.Gange H 252Spicy, Balsamic, Minty.
9.Jasmine 81Strong, Sharp, Floral, Fatty.
10.Jasmine ColourlessFloral, Sweet, Jasmine.
11.Lilak 229Floral, Spicy, Powdery.
12.Musk Am 121Floral, Powdery, Musky.
13.Navratan Cool-121Minty, Herbal, Balsamic.
14.Nine FlowerFloral, Herbal, Powdery.
15.Phool MalaAromatic, Sweet, Jasmine, Blossom
16.Sandali RoseSweet, Woody, Rosy.


S. No.Products NameDescription of Products
1.Comp. Paris H. W.pSweet, Fruity, Cosmetic.
2.Cool Water W.pFloral, Green, Marine.
3.Cucumber W.pFresh, Green, Watery.
4.Dettol 14 W.pSweet, Piney, Woody.
5.Drakkar W.pGreen, Floral, Sulfurious.
6.Lavender W.pFresh, Floral, Herbaceous.
7.Lemon Lime W.pFresh, Green, Sweet.
8.Life Boy W.pFloral, Aromatic, Cresolic.
9.Mega W.pFresh, Floral, Camphoraceous.
10.Neem W.pStrong, Green, Herbal .
11.Orange W.pSweet, Floral, Fruity.
12.Papaya W.pHerbal, Fruity, Watery.
13.Red Apple W.pFruity Apple, Sweet, Cosmetic.
14.Rose W.pSweet, Rosy, Woody.
15.Sandal W.pSweet, Floral, Woody.
16.Strawberry W.pSweet, Fruity, Strawberry Like.


S. No.Products NameDescription of Products
1.Ananda 23Fancy, Floral, Lily Type.
2.Discover 211Fancy, Woody, Musky
3.Fancy Mogra ModFresh, Green, Slightly Watery.
4.Firdous 2804Spicy , Aldehydic , Green.
5.Gold Champa 305Floral, Animalic, Slightly Aldehydic.
6.Guggal GoldWoody, Ambery, Musky.
7.Intimate AgAldehydic, Green, Earthy.
8.Jasmine 1910Green, Floral, Slightly Woody.
9.Kaccha Bela VfFancy, Floral, Fresh, Green.
10.Magnetic SuperFancy, Floral, Woody , Musky.
11.Mastani VfCitrus, Floral, Woody.
12.Mist DeluxCitrus, Herbal, Campharaceous.
13.MograFresh Green, Floral.
14.Pushpak 305Aldehydic, Rosy, Woody.
15.Rajnigandha AgFancy, Floral, Sweet Blossom.
16.Rose 272Fresh, Sweet, Rose Petal.
17.Rose Ag 197Sweet, Green, Rosy, Powdery.
18.Sandal 101Mossy, Talcumish, Sweet Sandal.
19.Sandal 186Floral, Spicy, Woody.
20.Sandal 84Camphoraceous, Iononic, Woody.
21.Shradha 315Fancy Rosy, Floral , Oceanic.
22.Shringar AgFancy, Herbal, Floral.
23.Udaan VfStrong Aldehydic, Soapy, Slightly Powdery..
24.Woods 912Fancy, Warm, Woody.
25.Zeal VfStrong Aldehydic, Powdery.

Liquid Detergent

S. No.Products NameDescription of Products
1.Bouquet CkWarm, Woody, Floral.
2.Comp Lo/dtSweet, Citrus, Lemony, Orange.
3.Comp. Ri-2113Fresh, Fruity, Green.
4.Forever 41Sweet, Green, Fruity.
5.Orange Best-2012Sweet, Floral, Orange, Blossom
6.T Plus 137Strong, Green, Campharaceous.
7.T Plus191Sharp, Sweet, Fruity.
8.Tango PlusAldehydic, Floral, Orange, Blossom.


S. No.Products NameDescription of Products
1.Aloevera 121Strong, Green, Woody.
2.Apricot 121Fresh, Aromatic, Floral.
3.Cucumber VfFresh, Green, Watery.
4.Green AppleFruity, Green, Watery.
5.Green Tea VfCitrus, Floral, Leafy.
6.Gulabari 121Rosepetal, Watery, Creamy.
7.Lavender 121Fresh, Floral, Herbaceous.
8.Orange Best-2012Sweet, Floral, Orange, Blossom.
9.Peach No.1Strong, Fruity, Balsamic.
10.Red AppleFruity, Apple, Sweet, Cosmetic.
11.Rose 272Fresh, Sweet, Rosepetal.
12.Spring 2014Sweet, Fruity, Lactonic.
13.Strawberry ShotSweet, Fruity, Strawberry Like.
14.Sweet FruitSoft, Sweet, Fruity, Juicy.


S. No.Products NameDescription of Products
1.Afflatus WpSweet, Floral, Woody.
2.Aloevera WpStrong, Sharp, Green, Watery.
3.Comp Paris H W.pSweet, Fruity, Cosmetic.
4.Cream Sp 229Floral, Creamy, Woody.
5.Cucumber WpFresh, Green, Watery.
6.Drakkar WpGreen, Floral, Sulfurious.
7.Etr. W.pGreen, Herbacious, Woody.
8.Fruit PunchSweet, Fruity, Caremellic.
9.Frutus GFresh, Sweet, Fruity.
10.Green AppleFruity, Green, Watery.
11.Green Tea VfCitrus, Floral, Leafy.
12.Lime Vf/cFresh, Citrus, Green.
13.Papaya WpHerbal, Fruity, Watery.
14.Pro V-12Fancy, Green, Fruity.
15.Red AppleFruity, Apple, Sweet, Cosmetic.
16.SecretCitrus, Sweet, Fresh, Floral.
17.Shikakai -2089Herbal, Spicy, Woody.
18.Spring 121Sweet, Fruity, Lactonic.
19.Water Melon 121Green, Fresh, Ozone.


S. No.Products NameDescription of Products
1.Ananda 23Fancy, Floral, Lily Type.
2.Atlas 121Green, Floral, Powdery.
3.Baby 147Soft, Creamy, Powdery.
4.Discover 211Fancy, Woody, Musky.
5.Drakkar 121Green, Floral, Citrus.
6.Dream Flower Purple 121Violet, Musky, Powdery.
7.Flower NationFancy, Floral, Green.
8.Gulabari 121Rose Petal, Watery, Earthy.
9.Intimate 86Green, Woody, Earthy.
10.Lavender 121Fresh, Floral, Herbaceous.
11.Lilak VfFloral, Spicy, Powdery.
12.Lilly O ValleyFloral, Powdery, Slightly Green.
13.Lovely 121Floral, Sweet, Powdery.
14.Magnetic 121Fancy, Floral, Woody, Musky.
15.MeghnaFresh, Floral, Camphoraceous.
16.Mist 2804Herbal, Camphoraceous, Balsamic.
17.Navratan TalcMinty, Herbal, Balsamic.
18.Ponds 121Floral, Creamy, Powdery.
19.Rose 272Fresh, Sweet, Rose Petal.
19.Sandal Talc 121Sweet, Woody, Powdery.