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W e at OJYA Fragrances, offer an impeccable range of Fragrance products. Our products are highly acclaimed and asked for as they are composed of the finest ingredients using the best possible combination.

The production of our range is done following the set guidelines and industry norms. Our Natural Fragrances, Attars, Perfumes and Essential Oils are known to have a longer shelf-life and in addition to this, the products come at the most reasonable prices possible.

OJYA Fragrances. It is a place where you are savoured all over with a serene touch of nature, where you feel the rich therapeutic sensation spread over your body as you settle into the depths of natural and divine fragrances. As a global fragrance company, we exhibit aromas that suits your needs the best. We bring them to you to stir your emotions, enhance your senses and awaken beautiful memories. Expanding your fragrance experience and enriching your world

Building Staffs

We started our venture in the year of 2001. My father was a hotelier and it was an instinct that I will take the same path. But I always had some other plans in my mind. I was then young and energetic, and I wanted to give in this energy into something different, something new!


OJYA Fragrances makes you and your home smell great with our refreshing range of scents and aromas. We use herbal and natural ingredients from our organic farms to produce the finest quality Fragrances, Essential Oils, Perfumes, Attars and Flavours.

Economic Outcomes

The farmers are compensated in whole value of the products they sell us. We believe in fair pricing because good products must be bought at equivalent prices. Then we started with our beauty line. More farmers were brought on board.

SUSTAINABILITY Committed to keep people healthy & safe

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